Industry Insight: The Story of OJ

Poetry opens the eyes of the soul to achieve a higher level of awareness. Jay definitely did that for me on this track. There are no hints. He's reaching back, giving back, in his own way of course. I hope the millennial generation, and those going forward, not only hear but listen. 

Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

Why can't keeping it real be 'Imma hold my peace, and let me move on'?  - Adrienne Bailon Haughton The quote above is what Adrienne of The Real daytime talk show had to say about the matter, and so far the most practical. She was talking about Academy Award-Winning actress and comedienne, Mo'Nique blasting 3 influential figures [...]

Dynamic Thought: Perfection is a Lie

"Your mind is infinite. It's your doubts that are limiting." - Robert Kiyosaki A friend complimented me on my mindset. It wasn't like this forever. After years of beating myself up for not being perfect. I learned that perfection is a lie. I had to bring myself to a place of compassion in order to [...]

Bel Biv Devoe Presents The Three Stripes Tour in BK!

New York, NY, May 1, 2017 —SJ Presents Inc., a leading New York based entertainment production and promotion brand, has announced that multi-platinum group Bell Biv DeVoe a.k.a. BBD are back on tour in support of their just released new album with eOne Music, "Three Stripes ≡", with a performance at Kings Theater in Brooklyn, [...]