Industry Insight: Letter to Jay Electronica

The blind would undermine my plan
I kept growing

Sometimes on the road to achieving your  dreams, certain things cause question for whether you are on the right path. When the fork in the road arrives, we, ourselves are the only person that can make the choice to continue to brew the magic we were born with. Letter to Falon is the ultimate source of empowerment for anyone that “pledges to never be no one’s burden.” This song is a classic. It reveals how tobounceback, and continue to push forward. I think between the instrumental and the lyrical impact Jay Electronica is pure oxygen to the game; breathing life into Hip-Hop, where the same ol’ dominant themes of trappin is leading to suffocate the culture. This song reinforces positive media in Hip-Hop. Anyone that is looking to be successful, this song is THE resource that belongs in your arsenal. It’s a remedy. Can’t imagine what dues Jay had to pay  along the way to RocNation, however the transaction was worth it. This joint is a a voice to the movement in the current age of entreprenueurship, indie artist, and those pushing for that well-deserved raise.

Keep shining
Nobody could stop your progress
Because unknown forces move some known objects
That’s magic

I heard this song about a month ago, and been bumpin it ever since. This song is a testament to achieving Jay Electronica dream, and tasting the fruits of his labor. On the flip, I see this as a donation to all the dreamers struggling on their path to greatness. A token for us to take this journey, until we arrive at the perfect stop. It is an inspiring understanding of what it is to be on your journey, and a preview of what it is when you arrive at your destination. This song came at a time when I felt I had nothing left, this song inspired me to keep reaching. Thanks Mr. Electronica for giving back something that will move all of us dreamers to translate our visions to reality.

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