Wisdom Wednesday From Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper has made such a strong mark on the world at just 24 years old. We connect with the good vibes sent through his music and community endeavors. While most look at community service as a sentence, Chance has taken the boredom out of it and helped us get back to what matters most. The compassion. Just to be familiar, some of his awesome deeds include:

Collaborating with The Empowerment Plan on the Warmest Winter 2016. From this came the creation of the EMPWR Coat for the homeless. This  is a self-heating, water-resistant jacket that can be converted into sleeping bags and over-the-shoulder bags. Impressive right!!! It doesn’t stop there. The homeless are hired as seamstresses and more to help create them. So yea, Chance creates job opportunities as well.

The Teen Park Festival is a free event he organizes and invites other artists perform, just like the original Hip-Hop days. Not to mention the #SaveChicago non-gun-violence campaign.

However, my favorite thing Chance the Rapper has done for others is create Rapper Radio. A radio station for Independent artist.

Below is Chance’s acceptance speech for the BET Humanitarian Award. He goes off! In a good way.


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