Some Things are Better Left Unsaid

82nd Academy Awards, Arrivals
Mo’Nique won Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie  Precious in 2010

Why can’t keeping it real be ‘Imma hold my peace, and let me move on’?  – Adrienne Bailon Haughton

The quote above is what Adrienne of The Real daytime talk show had to say about the matter, and so far the most practical. She was talking about Academy Award-Winning actress and comedienne, Mo’Nique blasting 3 influential figures in our society today: Oprah, Tyler Perry, and Lee Daniels for supposedly asking her to work for free.

The initial video below, was the start of the spectacle in Black Hollywood. We would never hear about this among giants such as Mark Walhberg, Micheal Bay, and Megan Fox…Or Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Dania Ramirez. We would have no clue about the personal relationships of any of these professionals.


Everyone has the right to their feelings. Mo’Nique is within her rights. She felt she should not have been asked to do promotion for the movie Precious for free. That’s completely understandable. After all, she brought it home, gaining an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her part in that film in particular. Mo’Nique also expressed some feelings about an interview Oprah had set up between her and some estranged family members. However, expressing them, especially in public, is a different story. Some things are better left unsaid. Especially against our own people. Making this public, is giving Lee Daniel’s statement that “Mo’Nique is difficult to work with,” Lyfe. {Shameless Plug!}

On a personal tip, I have come to understand that when I believed I was fighting for something, or protecting something, it was really me feeling like someone was trying to take something away from me. With success, people will try to take all day long. Unfortunately, the entertainment business will ask you to do work for free. Period. However when it came to those that I have worked with in conflict of compensation, the conversation was never made public. It stayed among the team. There may have been a drift apart, or an amicable split, but never a blow up. It’s never a wise decision to blast anyone. It wasn’t forwarding, or empowering at all. This may prevent future business opportunities because of attracting the wrong attention, for the wrong reasons. This is where they say not to take it personal, and never to burn a bridge.

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