Black [Her]story – Marley Dias & 1000BlackGirlBooks


(photo credit: Dr. Janice Johnson Dias)

As children, our sense of identity and self confidence is influenced by our role models, or lack thereof. 11 year old Marley Dias was aware of this, and took steps to rectify that in her school. A student at St. Cloud elementary school in West Orange, NJ, Marley was tired of reading books about what she described as “white boys and their dogs”. With the help of her mother, community organizer Dr. Janice Johnson Dias, the cofounder of , Marley created 1000 Black Girl Books, an initiative searching for 1,000 books featuring Black girls. The initiative was wildly successful, and Marley donated them to St. Cloud and Retreat Primary and Junior School and Library in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica where her mother grew up.

11 years old, and already being the change that wanted to see in her world. There is nothing more powerful, more dynamic, than the courage of a child.

Watch Marley Dias’ interview with Larry Wilmore of The Nightly Show here

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